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Friday, November 12, 2010

Phone Smarts 

CELL PHONES- Cell phones can greatly help or greatly hinder your problem with time management. There are many groups in this field that could be talked about, but I will address the two extremes. In group one individuals spend literally hours of a day texting or calling friends, and surfing the Internet on their phone. In group two, you have people who use their phones capabilities to optimize their time.I commend those that take advantage of applications and programs on their phone to keep organized, to those on the other group. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of your phones capabilities.

I.  Avoid Idle Chatter- Limit how many texts you send that are not necessary or useful! If you are a severe texting addict and feel the need to stop, call your phone company and ask them to bump your texting down to the minimum texting plan. If you are really addicted to it, ask about blocking texts after a certain number!

II. Limit Time Per Phone Call- Set a realistic number of minutes in which you will cut off a phone call! It is not necessary to talk to your friend for 40 minutes about his girlfriends sisters cousins cat! If you are talking with a coworker or fellow business man, do not go on rabbit trails, stay right on point, without being impolite of course!

III. Take Advantage of Calendar and Alarms- Your phone most likely has a built in calendar or scheduler of some sort, USE IT! Set aside some time to open up your calendar and explore it, you will find it easy to put in your work schedule, your key events, and all other items you need to keep organized! Utilize reminders, notifications, and alarms to increase your ability to stick to a schedule. So when your on Face-book, and your phone starts ringing, you open it up and find, oh wow, I forgot about that! I have a biology quiz tomorrow, you will be able to shut down and study for your quiz. Using a scheduler on your phone will not only help you stay organized and save time, but it will also help you to remember things that you might have forgotten!

Internet Junkie???

For those people who waste countless hours on the internet, here is a quick video to watch, that introduces you to a tool that can save you time online, instead of eating your time! Hope this is useful. Just follow the Link!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Health and Time

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